As the most important parts of a building's management, services such as cleaning, security, technical
maintenance-repair, operation and management are MMFM’s fields of expertise.
Management of processes such as investigation necessary for the establishment of these services,
preparation of contract and management plans, determination of price collection documents, preparation of
operation, auditing and reporting are presented to you by the experienced teams of MMFM.
MMFM provides consulting services on the following issues which differ for each facility, building and
• Preparation of management plan
• Establishment of business regulations
• Establishment of the business revenue-expense budget
• Organization of General Assembly meetings
• Making the due assessment and collection
• Preparation of activity reports
• Determination of marketing strategies
• Preparation of marketing budget
• Establishment of leasing management and budget
• Conducting landlord-tenant relations
• Conducting relations with public institutions
• Follow-up of legal and financial legislation
• Making the project management
• Providing service and support services
• Conducting purchasing services


Shopping centers, office and residence buildings, hospitals, sites, factories are facilities that require
continuous technical service and maintenance. It is essential for these services and maintenance to be done
in the most efficient way. For companies and organizations, the most appropriate approach to address these
needs is to receive these services from expert teams.
The success of MMFM’s expert staff is to combine all functions that are necessary to minimize maintenance
and operating costs to the lowest possible level.
MMFM Technical Management Unit has the necessary technical expertise in managing all kinds of
contemporary buildings and it is your reliable solution partner for all required services.

Within the scope of MMFM Technical Services, services are provided on following issues:
• Technical operation management
• Procurement of technical personnel
• Preparation of protective and preventive maintenance plans

• Making/outsourcing periodic control and maintenance
• Application of computer-aided maintenance management system
• Providing technical equipment purchasing services
• Preparation and management of contracts
• Preparation of business instructions
• Preparation of maintenance instructions
• Procurement of consumables
• Inventory tracking
• Reporting
• Emergency breakdown response


MMFM offers all kinds of necessary services such as management, cleaning, security, technical
maintenance, landscaping, office support services, concierge services, budget tracking, leasing, law and
information technologies to businesses willing to receive efficient and professional service.
Within the scope of “Integrated Facility Management” service, MMFM resolves all the needs of the
facilities under a single roof and/or by identifying services according to need. It offers the added value,
synergy and advantages that the use of outsourcing will provide to solution partner businesses in the most
transparent form.
Integrated Facility Management is to gather all the units working in different fields to meet all the needs of
the businesses under the single roof of an organization in the most efficient way. This management system is
is a service model based on increasing the value of assets in parallel to reduce costs by more efficient use of
resources. The service efficiency resulting from regular implementation of services planned from a single
center provides the quality increase and continuity that businesses need.


In addition to indoor and outdoor garden cleaning, MMFM provides all kinds of floor cleaning and
maintenance services.
Our expert teams identify the cleaning team organization while the facilities are in the project phase for
cleaning and hygiene, make planning for cleaning and hygiene control and offer project consulting services
by determining cleaning consumables and equipment.
MMFM provides services such as cleaning and maintenance, common area cleaning, landscape cleaning,
garbage collection, pool cleaning, social area cleaning, parking lot cleaning of living areas like Residence-
Office-Building Complex-Shopping Center.
MMFM delivers solutions according to the needs of every business and always aims to meet the
expectations of the businesses. It meets this expectation by improving the cleaning quality and professional
working conditions, auditing these activities, presenting reports and making customer satisfaction surveys.
MMFM offers services in many areas from daily office cleaning to industrial cleaning, from hotel rooms and
hospital cleaning where hygiene conditions are very important to exterior cleaning. MMFM provides the

best quality service with the newest technological products and new generation chemicals which are
determined according to the surface and product.


All security services meet the needs of your business by a single contract with our Integrated Security
Services solution. This new model, which is prepared from a new perspective on security solutions, consists
of the following:
• Private Security Services
• Technological Security
• Remote Monitoring and Alarm Center
• Control and Inspection Service
• Project Consultancy
Services carried out with this system focused on customer needs aim to implement all the security needs of
businesses in the most efficient and useful way. Integrated Security Services system, which analyzes in
detail the main areas, organizational structure and physical conditions of businesses and transforms into a
personalized security experience, continuously support the security personnel with the training courses
Integrated Security Services system, which enables the collection of separately executed processes, closely
follows new formations in the competitive market, changes that occur in the internal dynamics of the
sectors, developments in technology, security-related laws and regulations, produces comprehensive
solutions specific to different risk groups through special risk analysis activities.
Thanks to these services that are benefit-cost analysis focused and have a constantly renewing work
environment, businesses entrusted to qualified security personnel selected by area of expertise provide
maximum benefit from security services.